October 16, 2012

Appraised | Wax Seal Necklace, Ritzy Misfit

I purchased this back in August, on the 29th, 2011 and received it the third week of September. The reason being is that each piece is made to order. Meaning that, no pendant will ever look the same. When purchasing the item you will be asked to specify three things:

1. The letter you want
2. The amount of what I call sloppiness
3. And how you heard about the shop

I chose:
1. The letter "S"
2. I chose a medium amount of flaws
3. I said I was browsing on Etsy and found it. I also saw it on Michele1218's channel

The creator of this necklace clearly states that the item will require at least two weeks before it will be shipped. So be patient! I personally love my necklace. The customer service is amazing after I had purchased the necklace I emailed her and asked for the handmade necklace.  She immediately sent me an invoice and did not charge extra shipping.

When I received the item I was super impressed. The pendant is thick, I will not be able to bend it, it dresses my outfits up and people always notice it. When I wear this people always notice.

*Only thing to note: DO NOT WEAR THIS WHEN BLOW DRYING HAIR, it heats up. lol I had a nice burn at the back of my neck.

I highly recommend this item and if you're thinking about getting it do it.
You'll love it!

And no, I did not get this for free.

Pendant and Original Chain: $34.43 CAD

Chain: $8.38 CAD

Shipping to Canada: $8.10 CAD
Total: $50.91 CAD

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