November 04, 2012

Accutane | Week 2

Hello again. So this is the end of Week 2 on Accutane. I experienced some pretty horrible migraines. I have no idea if that has anything to do with the Accutane. I feel dehydrated all the time. I have been taking pretty good care of my skin. I have been using Antipodes Avocado and Pear Nourishing Night Crème every night and I have now begun to implement it in the morning. My skin doesn't feel dry at the end of the day unless I am outside.

It has been pretty stressful week at work but I haven’t gotten any stress related breakouts yet. The acne continues to appear flat but I do have 3 pimples that are slightly painful. The pain that I am experiencing is nothing in comparison to before taking Accutane.

I am on my second cycle of Diane 35 and my breasts continue to be tender. If I didn't mention that before and if that is too much information, sorry. But lets keep real. I have read reviews that Diane 35 can make your breasts larger. I have had no such luck.  Hehehe. Personally, I think that the people that experience this are those that have a significant weight gain on the pill. FYI, my cheeks are looking horrible.

Anyway, I will post some new pictures soon. I should do some FOTD's to balance the amount of ugly pics I have been posting.

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