November 30, 2012

Paper Bag Princess | Working Outside

So today I decided to show you a little of what a Civil Engineering Technologist does.
I started the day by dressing in warm cloths, packed extra socks and mittens.

This is a picture of the highway on our way to the job site.

We were going to be surveying close to channel so we had to wear rubber boots.

This is the site we were going to survey. 
That grass you see is actually about 8 feet tall. FYI, I am 5'1".

We were also going to be surveying under a bridge. 
You can see my work buddy in orange. 

We started by setting up our equipment (Total Station).

Everything was going fine when I was in the bush. I'm not going to lie it was a little scary. My partner wasn't that close by. He wouldn't have been able to save me from a scary animal. 

It wasn't till I was under the bridge that I ran into issues. 
You can't really see in the picture but water started to fill the holes. 

I panicked momentarily and started to sink a little further. My co-worker threw me a couple logs and I was able to step on them and escape.
Close call. 
I could have lost a boot, done a face plant in the mud or had to crawl out.

I was super pooped after hauling myself out of the mud. This is why I should work out.

Once we were done I cleaned my boots off and we headed home.

This is a picture of what my house looks like.. 

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