December 20, 2012

Mode Choice | Favourite Shoes 2012

2012 is coming to an end and  I thought that I should show you some of my favourite (Canadian spelling) shoes of this year.

I never thought I collected anything but I am coming to realize I love shoes. I really love shoes. One more time, I LOVE SHOES. Weird, I know.

It is a long and arduous process for me to buy a shoe. I don't like buying shoes just to buy shoes. I need to love the shoe I am buying. Of course there are emergencies when I just have to pick one but I prefer to really think about the shoes I add to my collection.

I don't have any designer shoes right now but I will buy one.
I have promised myself a designer shoe. hehehe.

FYI, I love shoes but I do not baby them.
They are shoes and must be worn... Otherwise they will feel lonely. :(

Brand: Steve Madden
Okay... I just bought these. But I have been lusting after these for soooooo long. I am in-love.  

Brand: Jessica Simpson
This is a pretty good picture of the shoes. I wrecked these shoes earlier this year. I wore them even after the heel started splitting. They were comfy and looked good with any outfit I paired them with.

Brand: Lovely People
I showed a lot of love to these shoes over the summer. To say I love them is an understatement. For me this was the perfect shoe; a little bit of heel and no platform  They were super comfy and still looked good when the wear started to show.

Brand: Unknown
If ever I have wanted to feel bad girl I have wore these. You can see from the state of the inside and front of the shoe I wore these a lot. I guess I was in a bit of a mood all year long. lol

Brand: Vivianna Collection
Oh the classic pump. I absolutely love these. I have revived them so many times. I don't know what I will do when these are completely gone. All the shoes I have see are platformed and I can't say I'm a fan.

Brand: Le Chateau
These are a recent purchases. They are super comfortable and fun. These puppies act as my 'nude' shoe... I don't have any nudes.

As you can see the shoes that are my favourites are very basic and fall in the nude pallet.

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