January 29, 2013

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I’m sure that new bloggers feel the same way that I do.  Sad when views are down, no subbies or don’t feel motivated to write. The one thing that gets me out of this rut is when people leave comments. I would love to say that this blog is purely for my own entertainment, and I’m sure that on some level it is, but what makes blogging worthwhile, IMO, is making connections. Talking to people with the same interests as you. Making friends and networking.

It has always been my intention to start making videos but I’m never happy with the way they come out. You know the usual thoughts run in your mind, “My nose looks huge at that angle! When did I get a double chin? My face looks disproportionate to my body. WOW, can you speak properly please!” Just last week I uploaded my first YouTube video and within 2hrs I took it down. I was the same with my first blog post and I continue to modify things here on my blog. My main reason for wanting to start a YouTube channel is so you can see my personality. Get to know me better.

It is really hard to make a video and edit it. Then to upload it and wait for a response, it’s painful. For someone who is a perfectionist it’s really hard to say, “I’m going to upload this and just wait”.
Some people find it easy but when you’re talking with the big world you need things to come out nice. I hope that when I do upload something you will be there to greet me. And to all the beautiful Beauty Bloggers and YouTubers that are just starting out congratulations.

I know the following picture has almost nothing to do with this post but I'm around computers all day, everyday and this is how I feel sometimes.

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