January 16, 2013

Paper Bag Princess | Cold Work Day

Today was a cold and miserable day so I decided to take you with me. :)

I don't usually photograph the days I'm in the office because I know that's just plan boring.

I went out surveying again with another co-worker. I wasn't able to take as many photos because it was too cold and we wanted to complete the job quickly.

Here I am cold on a snow bank very close to falling to my death trying to take pictures... I'm kidding there was a mini creek 2m below me. I wouldn't have died, depending how I fell, but I would have been very cold.

I tried taking a picture on how far I was from the water but it turns out that's quite hard to do with. Ya to me for failing at photography!

This was one of the drier parts of the creek. Lots of rocks and fallen trees.

My co-worker was setting up the instrument. We used the level and rod method instead of the Total Station we used last time. This method is a little more time consuming, IMO, and all the data you record is in a field book instead of being stored in a digital file.

The point of all this was to measure this retaining wall. The retaining wall/head wall, a large culvert and smaller storm pipes (the two you can see) were installed recently and we were checking if it was installed correctly. 

Here I am attempting to show you the height of the culvert... my rod is facing the wrong way (we usually measure things in metric units not imperial).

According to the rod it looks like the retaining wall is 13.2ft +/-  (4.0m +/-). 
Very tall, I know... What I didn't take photos of was when I was at the bottom. It creeped me out being down there. There was some sort of animal in the culvert. Small but scary.

Hope your having a great day!


  1. Your job looks so dangerous! Pretty nice to be out an office though. I get to look out the window where I work, and sometimes wish I was outside!

    Mel x

    1. Lucky! When I'm in the office I get too look at cubical walls (aka Jail Cell). Pretty sad I know... but that means I get to blog a little! Shhh don't tell.



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