January 08, 2013

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If you love skin care then you’re like me. I am always looking at new products and their reviews. I often shy away from purchasing things online because of the exorbitant shipping charges some companies expect Canadians to pay. It’s truly a disappointment when you have been lusting after a certain product but can’t justify the shipping charge. UPS I have come to hate you. I recently purchased a mineral foundation kit that cost $60. Once it arrived at my door I had to pay an extra $45!
 Lesson learned.

I have since restricted my skin care shopping to department stores, drug stores and Canadian based websites.

The following are sites I have visited or ordered from:

Spa Boutique
I have ordered many things from Spa Boutique. They have a lot of brands including organic and luxury lines. They offer some sort of discount after your first purchase but if you do the math it’s like 5% off after any purchase above $100. This is pretty easy to do when buying skin care but the annoying thing is they present it as if you’re getting a better deal after every $100. Oh no honey I can see right through that ad. The shipping time is about two weeks which I am fine with. Overall great customer service. 

I recently discovered Murale. Apparently they are part of the Shoppers Drug Mart family.  This means that you can earn shoppers optimum points. What?! That’s pretty cool. I have yet to compare their prices with other companies and am creating a wish list for future purchases. Shipping is $8 CAD with no max to exempt the shipping charge. That sucks. So this is something to consider when purchasing from them.
Premier Spa Boutique
This website seems to have pricier merchandise but is limited to certain brands. I will have to buy an item and review it. For you guys of course. I am just the ginny pig.

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