February 06, 2013

Appraised | Wet and Wild Shadows No.1

I know that too many people have already done reviews and swatches but I wanted to post some pictures too... :(

As a seasoned eye shadow purchaser I think these are steals! They are creamy to the touch and look lovely on the eye. The only thing to note is that these tend to have a lot of fall out and some have an unnecessary amount of sparkles. I love all the shadows and they are super pigmented.

335 Silent Treatment

380B Walking on Eggshells

334 I'm Getting Sunburned

738 Comfort Zone

These are all the ones I have. In future I will keep my on new any limited edition shadows that come out.
Any-woo, that's it for now!
See you later beautiful.


  1. I've asked for a couple of wet and wild palettes in a drugstore swap I'm taking part in, they look amazing! x


    1. Hope you get them! They are really quite lovely.

      Samantha from Blushing❤Appraisal

  2. Hey girl!
    I found your blog through SprinkleofGlitter and I'm lovin' it haha
    I'm a huge fan of Wet 'N Wild and both the Walking on Eggshells and the Silent Treatment palettes have MAC dupes in them! Sending love from Texas,

    Crystal's Beauty Corner

    1. HEY! I'm planning on getting some more!! OMG! You're so pretty!

    2. Aww thanks so much! I'd love to follow each other on GFC, just let me know. Actually, I'll just follow you anyway haha :)


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