February 09, 2013

Tag | 50 Random Facts About Me

This is a super long post. So buckle up and get comfy.

1. My Knees look like smiley faces…

2. I have a favourite blanket that I sleep with every night. It doesn't matter what season it is. Actually, it’s more the type of material that matters.

3. I really like trying new diets. Some examples are: Vegetarian, Paleo, Vegan, Raw Vegan… and the list goes on. Some shameful ones would be: Cereal Diet, Master Cleanse, Rice Diet, and the Banana Diet. I love food! So my actual diet consists of fine dining and fast food binges. I don’t cook so eating at home is not a regular occurrence.

4. The best part of a pizza should be the crust.

5. My family’s clothes are fair game. I steal their clothes all the time. There’s no shame in it. I like to call it ‘being economical’.

6. I am only fully awake between 5am-7am and 5pm-12am. So whilst at work (8am-5pm)... I’m in a daze.

7. I am currently trying to drink black coffee. It’s so gross!

8. I burned my sister’s butt when she was curling my hair. I left the curler on the bed and she sat on it. She doesn't have a scar but boy was she mad.

9. I regularly purchase coffee makers, brewers and other junk for work. These items don’t usually meet my standard and are returned. Currently I am trying out the PC 5 cup coffee marker. I have a multi-crock pot in my car that was never used and should be on its way out.

10. I eat big meals in the morning and at lunch. I don’t care what people say, getting 5 small meals a day is a sure way of getting yourself in trouble. If I eat small meals my portions slowly start getting bigger. Sometimes I do eat a big meal at dinner. Do I beat myself up about it? Hell no. Eat on!

11. I could eat rice and cheese all day every day.

12. I was born in Alberta.

13. I am one of the only employees that hasn't gotten the ‘we play ball from 8-5’ speech because I work from 6-5. However, I slept in to day. Shhh don’t tell.

14. I always have hair bands on my wrists.

15. I constantly have dreams about work.

16. My freshman 15 was more like Freshman 30. Since then I have lost 20. How did I do it? What's the magical recipe? Well by the grace of God… I got horribly sick and lost weight. It was completely unintentional and I haven’t gained it back even though my eating habits have gotten worse.

17. I have never been on a sports team in my life.  If you have watched Lord of the Rings… There's a scene where the dwarf is running slowly behind his companions... Yup, that would be me.

18. I have never been clubbing. It’s just not my scene.

19. I re-re-recorded my January favourites but before I could post the new one I got my first subscriber! So, out of respect I chose not to upload the new one. Which is fine because I was even more mono-toned the new video. I’m so freakin’ happy!

20. I am a home-body.

21. My last name and my mom’s maiden name are not Spanish sounding (by the way, I'm Hispanic . I have a little bit of German, English and French in me. So Bounjour and Sehr erfreut. God, I hope that’s right and it’s not something super offensive. You know when people are all annoying and say “teach me your language! It so pretty! So sexy...” and you just want to be like “No hablo Ingl├ęs”. Instead we refrain and teach them something indecent. They then proceed to use the new word to say hello. Google - you better not have done that to me! I will cut you. Jkz

22. I got the keratin blowout in December and didn't blog about it. Fail. My reason for getting it was because I don’t have time to do my hair. Oddly enough, doing this does pushes you to straighten/style your hair. At least for me it did.

23. I often buy things to later do a haul but it’s difficult to setup on a blog. It’s not a surprise if you can see the upcoming picture. But guess what? I made a YouTube video. Oh ya!

24. Last year was my year to catch up on TV shows. American Dad, Family Guy, Monk... Etc. People always make references to these shows and I use to have no clue what they were talking about.

25. The coffee I brewed earlier now tastes good.

26. I still get growing pains.

27. I hate small talk.

28. I like my fruits at room temperature.

29. No, I lied. The coffee still tastes like butt.

30. I hate being cold.

31. I found my hair stylist Alex, who by the way is a complete life saver, after a horrendous cut. The cut made me look super fat in the face.

32. I eat a chocolate bar at least 3 times a week. If I can’t get my hands on that I reach for other sugary goodies.

33. I love collecting hobbies. Hobbies? Yup, I start hobbies and they just never seem to stick. I have so many supplies left from the hobbies I've started.

34. I haven’t purchased water-proof boots in 3 years. FYI, in Canada or anywhere else its snows a lot… it will then turn into slush. You know, that’s basic physics. So not only will you be soaked… Your feet will be frozen ice cubes.

35. I am running out of steam for this tag… Who can possibly think of this many interesting things about themselves? I’m obviously a plain Jane. lol.

36. I am currently drafting in Civil 3D. I have no idea what I’m doing.

37. I can feel a pimple surfacing… I will kill it later.

38. When I was 10 I thought I was Batman. So while at church in the kids class I decided that it would be fun to jump from one table to another. My feet ended up missing the table but my chin didn't... My teeth were mangled and there was blood everywhere. Did I mention it was during a major church event. So as we were leaving my parents had to stand and say goodbye to everyone. Don't worry. We did get to the emergency clinic... a couple hours later.

39. Lately I have been stopping at Tim Horton's everyday for a Sesame seed bagel double toasted with plain cream cheese and a small Ice Cap. For the Calorie counters out there... That's approximately 650 cal in one sitting.

40. I switch out my socks constantly. I hate wearing socks for too long.

41. My friend broke my diploma frame when he was trying to move it. He then fixed it and it broken again. My boss was the one that crazy glued/wood glued it back together.

42. Ever since I have had my car I don't go more than 2 weeks without washing it. It's getting colder and it’s not recommended to wash your car... Your doors will freeze shut.

43. Me and an old friend thought it was a good idea to bike across a skating rink. We fell.

44. I pulled my undies down thinking that I was only pulling my snow pants off. I was 7.

45. I had braces because my teeth were all messed up.

46. I love fluffy, my car.

47. I love blue roses.

48. Going back to hobbies and things... I know tanning isn't a hobby but I definitely have 50 mins remaining on my tanning pass. I just hate taking my clothes off and smelling funny afterwards... Wow, that sounds inappropriate. *cough* Plus, it’s not good for your skin.

49. I hate trying on clothes

50.  I'm not sure if I like black coffee.

I'm pretty sure I cheated on some of these.
Chio, Chio for now!


  1. OMG number 8 cracked me up. Was laughing aloud and got stared at by people.
    Following your blog. Do check mine out when you have a moment - www.mybeautyjunction.blogspot.com

  2. I loved that post! Really funny and well written! by the way your German is correct - 'Sehr erfreut' is equivalent to 'nice to meet you' (I'm from Austria) :)



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