February 14, 2013

Tag | Pet Peeves

LHey Guys. Today I've had a poopy day. So I thought that I should do another Tag.

But first I will tell you about my day. I had to get a new exhaust installed in my Buick Verano. It was making a weird basketball buzzer noise. Sorry guys that's the only way I can describe it. The dealer told me it was a broken baffle in the exhaust.

So, I had been drive around with this annoying noise for 5 days. I know, I’m probably being a snob but when you spend a pretty penny on a new car you get really upset when there are issues like this. Even if you bought one used I think you would be upset if in 4 months it starts making noises. I got my car repaired and I thought it would be nice to buy cupcakes for my team we have been working really hard lately. Turns out that people get really upset if you don’t buy them one. FYI, the cupcakes come in a 6 pack and cost $14. Each individual cupcake is $3.50 plus individual containers $2.50. Case and point, I bought 6. Not 7. This lady got really upset that I didn't get her one, even though she not part of the current project team, and made a huge stupid scene about it. Then a co-worker comes and tells me she was joking.

Joking? She embarrassed me by having a mini-tantrum while I was apologizing and trying to explain why I had only bought 6. She never apologized and later acted like she did nothing wrong.

So that might not seem like a big deal but there are other little things I'm stressed about. One serious stress factor is my OACETT Exam. I'm super nervous and this heightened my feelings about her reaction. I've been getting the usually comments about the exam "It was easy. Don't worry about it." I'm pretty sure they were freaking out before their exam and have now forgotten what it feels like.

Okay, onto my pet peeves.
God help you all this is going to be a long one. I hope I don’t offend anyone. Usually these pet peeves occur at work or at a drive-thru. When they do happen I usually don't say anything.
So here we go!

1.  People who drag their teeth along a fork while eating

2.  When I go through drive-thru and they forget to give me a straw. I’m a challenged person! I'm bound to spill my drink everywhere.

3.  When you’re not given a napkin. Okay, you didn't give me a straw. Now I've had an accident and I can’t clean it up. Grr.

4.  When you tell people you’re scared of spiders and they harass you by catching a spider and flail it in your face. If this happens at work it's harassment.

5.  When you say "I don’t drink" and people make it their mission in life to make you drink.

6.  When waiters leave the dirty dishes from your appetizers on the table. Am I alone on this? If I'm fine dinning there should be no dirty dishes keeping me company while I eat my Filet Mignon.

7.  When fast food places try to be healthier. That’s why I love you because you’re fat, greasy and full of empty love!

8.  People that chew with their mouth open and make horrible sounds.

9.  When people repeat things you just said and make it officially their idea.

10.  When people repeat things 20 times using the same words. It’s like a broken record and all you can do is sit there and wait for it to stop. Make it stop! Tears of blood.

11. When people are selfish and take credit for your work or work you did as a team.

12. When couples make-out... and it's getting to the point it's no longer PG.

13. When employees at boutiques or 'high-end shops' treat you like you're poor. My thoughts on this are "I'm pretty sure I make more than you and I would have made you meet your goal for the day. See ya!"

14. When people are messier than me. I don't know how this is possible!

15. When people chirp, tease or embarrass you in front of others and can't handle it when you do the same. Obviously I only do this if they've done it too me and if it's true. I live by my own set of rules. I will never be mean unless you have done the above statement.

16. People who comment about you calling in sick. Not everyone is made the same. This happens a lot at work because I work with guys. They can be ignorant sometimes, of course you don't want to tell them you're having your worst cramp in forever.

17. I hate it when guys feel like they can express their opinion on your period or emotional imbalance during your period, or other symptoms,  because their wife, girlfriend, sisters or friends have wonderfully light periods.  Yes guys, we are all made the same. All women experience the same symptoms. Congratulations.  You have figured us out. The funny part is when you start to explain your symptoms some of them are too grossed out to hear it. Applause for the ignorant guys out there. And a special hug to the guys that do understand.

18. Women or men who are pushy about me learning to cook. I can cook. I wont show you I can because your being pushy.

19. People with green-thumbs. I hate you. Everything I touch dies.

20. When the Wi-Fi signal dies when you're watching the last couple minutes of your favourite show.

21. People who take their shoes off at work and walk around. I take my shoes off at my desk. If I'm going to walk around I put my shoes on.

22. People who don't use deodorant.

23. People who obviously can't smell the stench that's penetrating the air which is coming from their body. Side note, I have a sensitive nose.

24. People who say their hair doesn't stink when clearly it does.

25. Couples who fight publicly.

26. People who take their partner back, multiple times, after very public fights when you clearly stated you wouldn't. The whole neighborhood heard you. It now becomes an issue when we all have to put up with that show weekly.

27. Nail polish. I hate that it doesn't dry quickly. Last night I changed my nail colour and ran my fingers through my hair after 2 mins. It wasn't completely dry. Honestly, I'm not in the right frame of mind to take it out right now. I will cut my hair off if I try.

28. Church people who live on their soapbox and feel like they are God and can condemn you. FYI, I'm christian. My responsibility is to live as it is written, to love everyone, to talk about God... Not act like God or constantly tell you your wrong. I have done my part. It's up to you.

29. People who take their relationship frustrations out on you. ie. wife or girlfriend spending too much money, their partner not messaging them back... What I mean by this is that they twist what your doing into something their partner did that upset them.

30. My biggest pet peeve of all time. People who twist your words and don't let you finish talking. I have no time for people like that. I cut people like that out of my life intentionally.

31. Along side of that last one is random people who think their opinion should matter to you. Guess what it doesn't.

I think I might add more later.
Happy Valentine's Day.


  1. I hate a lot of these things too, but the one where you say something and someone takes it as there own, annoys me when I say a funny joke and someone nicks it lol xx

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    1. I know!!! It's worse when people at work steal your ideas… Right in front of you!
      Quote from family guy: “it really grinds my gears!”


  2. Some of these are funny and most of them I agree with, especially the not wearing deoderant thing! So gross! On a related note, I once saw a guy try on the deodorants (he actually applied it to his armpits) at a store...ewww!

    1. Oh God. I think I just barfed in my mouth. The I laughed aloud!:P
      That was freakin' awesome!

  3. I loved reading this so much! That woman at work needs a good slap (I have little patience for people like that). I HATE when you say "I'm not drinking tonight" 'cos I do sometimes but not always and then my 'mates' try to force it down me, not cool! And YES when people take your ideas I freaking hate that! It happens to me so much because I go to college with such pushy people and I'm kinda not...It sucks. And those who take credit for your work. That's why I refuse to work with certain people! I also hate people who can't take what they dish out, I used to get teased constantly just 'cos I guess it was easy to make fun of me and if I ever gave it back people would be all like 'ooohh don't get so angry we were only joking'.... well yeh me too... YES no one can comment on my time of the month because it is SO MUCH FREAKING WORSE than anyones I know. Sorry...tmi...

    Uum I've written a rather long comment but I found myself agreeing rather strongly with this post, you know the usual nodding and frowning and eyebrow raising...Following your blog now, I really really love it!
    Amber X

    1. Believe me that's not TMI. I could write a whole post about my 'time of the month' which probably would shock people. I was soooo moody last week it scared me.
      People taking your idea sucks big time. Especially in college! >:|


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