March 12, 2013

Haul | Embracing Red, Rimmel London

I realize spring is knocking at my door but it seems I’m not ready to let go of the winter red lip. I love red lips and I am finally moving into the bright orange reds. This is an exciting time for me. 

930-Bronze Goddess, 400-Berry Queen, 410-Fleur Tatious, 420- Burgundy Delight

930- Bronze Goddess
I know this isn't a red and I shouldn't have purchased it. Honestly I did not love this colour on me. It had too much shimmer. I guess I have lots of wrinkles on my lips because this accentuated everything.

400-Berry Queen
This was a very pretty colour. It was very bright and happy. This is a beautiful colour for spring. I looks like it has a bright orange undertone and it seems to work on my skin colour. The finish is glossy, with a high shine and no glitters. 

410-Fleur Tatious
Does anyone how what the name means?
Honestly this colour is almost identical to 400-Berry Queen. It is just a darker version with brown undertones. Please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong (I might be colour blind). The finish is identical to the previous one and it feels lovely on the lips.

420-Burgundy Delight
This colour satisfies my Gothic cravings and can still look wearable. Just like the previous two colours it applies like a glossy lipstick with no shimmers. It has brown undertones which complements my skin colour wonderfully.

Wait for it….
Here I am, with another crazy hair day. I am not sure if those baby hairs will ever become part of my bangs or if they forever will refuse to grow. Nothing a little wax can’t fix.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find my favourite hair wax/gel and I did in fact spray the hell out of my baby hairs but they refuse to be tame.

930-Bronze Goddess,

400-Berry Queen

410-Fleur Tatious

420- Burgundy Delight

Quick FYI:
This is what I started with.
Some old make-up from work. No colour on lips.

The style of lipstick doesn't dry on my lips but I can see this travelling if you’re not careful. It does not set and is transferable. As for a stain I don’t feel that it leaves a nice stain. Of course these might wear different on you. Have you tried these? What do you think about wearing a red lip in the spring?


  1. I loooove Burgundy Delight! It looks amazingly pretty on you!
    And isn't the name of the other lipstick an innuendo for 'flirtatious' ?

    lovely post!


    1. Ah. I was having a slow moment! I see it now! :P

  2. I just saw your post and was about to say flirtatious but Miss Chatterbox beat me to it! You lovely in these pics though :D

  3. Burgandy delight is just lush! I should be in my life, but one quesition: do the lipstick dry out your lips at all? Oh, and are they long lasting?

    Natalie x

    1. I would say they aren't long lasting. They do provide moisture which is great if that's what you're looking for.

  4. I think they all suit you! Reds are gorgeous, do you wear a liner with yours? I'm kind of lazy, and I only own one liner but I think I should buy some more!

    Megan x

    1. Honestly, I live on the edge! I rarely wear lip liners. I’m just too lazy.


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