April 20, 2013

Initial Appraisal | Egyptian Magic

As you might know I have acne scars. I shared my feelings with you about the pigmentation and the texture of my cheeks. Right now there isn't much I can do about the texture but I can do something about the pigmentation.

I had heard of Egyptian Magic a while back but recently Katya reminded. Never hesitate when making recommendations or sharing your holy grails with me. You will find that I love trying new skincare and will give frank feedback on how they worked on my skin.

I've had this for a week but I feel like I can still call this an initial review because skincare results take awhile. I will begin by saying don’t judge the packaging it is not the prettiest thing on my counter  and don’t be scared of the word oil.

The Ingredients are as follows:
Olive oil, Beeswax, Honey, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly and Propolis Extract
Just for funzees I goo-galed propolis extract and it’s a sticky substance that bees use to close the cracks in their hive. Wiki told me that. 

When I first looked into the tub I thought… the sales lady just sold me Vaseline. At $37 CAD I was wondering if I had made the right choice. I will agree that this does have a similar appearance to Vaseline but it doesn't act like Vaseline once out of the container.

The initial texture is soft, silky feeling almost like butter but even smoother than that. I’m not sure if everyone's is like this but mine has ultra small specks.  Yes, I did try to dig some of them out and I wasted product.

It is a little difficult to judge how much to actually use. That glob you see here would be enough for a full face (nighttime).  I recommend using it on the face, neck & decolletage (chest&boobies). I know that it looks almost sticky in this picture but I promise it`s not.

When you blend it it starts to look more like an oil. I feel like this has a low melting point or I’m just hot because it melts so quickly. If you live in a hot climate I would recommend putting it in the fridge.

I had to wipe a little bit away because I used too much for my hand. This is what a proper amount looks like once blended in. It leaves my skin looking fresh, dewy and diminishes the redness within a couple hours.  The first time I tried this I was surprised the redness was almost unnoticeable. The first morning, after I had purchased it, my skin felt amazing. It was soft, the redness had calmed down and I just felt beautiful. Like Cleopatra. :)

I've never had issues applying oils on my skin but there could be a small chance it might break you out. Also, there was a time when I downgraded my skincare to the most basic items. One of those was royal jelly. I used this to cleanse my face and my skin always felt like a baby's bottom. I still had really bad acne but the skin in-between looked and felt amazing. I know that there are benefits to using bee products because I've seen the results. I have a strong feeling that all the reviews on this product are correct and I’m very excited to see what this will do for me.

Do you have any scar fighting recommendations?

April 15, 2013

Appraised | Shiseido Gentle Sun Protection Lotion SPF 33

So at this point I would be beating a dead horse if I said ‘spring is here’.
Spring is such a tease it’s almost annoying now.
That’s Canadian weather eh’.

Any-hoo, in my preparations for spring I finally purchased a sunscreen.
I went with Shiseido`s Gentle Sunscreen because it said... gentle. I didn't want to complicate my life and with all the skin issues I've had so far I wanted to play it safe.
Truthfully, I didn't do a lot of research on the different sunscreens available. I just wanted something gentle.

Now I will preface this review by saying that I’m the worst at applying sunscreen. I have always hated the feeling and never saw what the big deal was. For the longest time I cringed at spending more than $10 CAD. That is until this year when I started taking care of my skin I realized that because I had acne and have acne scars I need to diligently protect my skin.

I can literally sense my BF rolling his eyes and yes I will admit, I am the biggest hypocrite when it comes to sunscreen. If you asked him, he would say I harp on about it constantly and chastise him but I never apply any. He has wonderful fair skin with freckles. I love freckles! I call his, ‘poka-dots’. I hope you understand this is an affectionate term… and I have attempted to connect the dots on his arms but there were too many. They overlapped which made it mission impossible. Plus, he didn't appreciate the pen marks.

I haven`t tried Shiseido`s other sunscreens but this is by far the runniest sunscreen I have encountered. Although it isn't thick it does come equipped with a metal ball to help keep things from getting clumpy. So shake it well before use.

This sunscreen doesn't` take hours to rub in but it does have a slight white hue. Like any sunscreen I recommend taking special care when blending. 

 It does have a very faint smell. Not like normal sunscreens but almost like powdery paint... That probably makes absolutely no sense. I pride myself on how I describe things. :P 
Now let me clarify, the paint smell is very soft you would need a sensitive nose to notice it and goes away almost instantly. I think other people might describe it as a sharp sweet note but hey I`m no expert.

 Once blended the sunscreen doesn't have the extremely offensive white hue most sunscreens have. It leaves a velvety finish on my dry skin. I usually wear a heavy moisturizer underneath but I can see this drying matte if you have dry skin or don`t moisturize. It did feel a little tacky on my hands but it wasn't horrible. I don't think this is a water proof sunscreen but I could be wrong.

I find that sunscreens are difficult to choose and  I would strongly recommend getting a sample before investing. Previously I had only purchased drugstore sunscreens which I found were too oily and heavy for my skin. This is the first department store sunscreen I have tried. I might be a little starry eyed but I like it. The longest I have used sunscreen is about 4 days... so if I continue to use this that means I've been converted. I recommend this for all my fellow sunscreen haters because it’s very light and my skin feels like it can breathe. 

 The next sunscreen I would like to try is the Chanel UV Essentiel Protective UV Care Anti Pollution SPF 50.

Which sunscreens have you tried? Which one is your fav? More importantly, which one did you hate?

April 09, 2013

Health | Mini Biggest Loser Intro 124.4lbs

For the next 6 weeks I will be participating in a ‘mini’ biggest loser competition at work.
 There is a low chance that I could actually win this because I don’t have that much weight to lose. Also, I don’t have any self-control when it comes to food… or shopping… or anything for that matter.
I am very undisciplined.

My competition consists of 7 men all of whom have a little more weight to take off then I do. Since the challenge is going to be evaluated by percent there is a very, very small chance that I could win! I intentionally put on 4.4 pounds so that my initial weigh in would be high. Sneaky I know!
I am not overweight my any means but I would like to get back to 110lbs, which was what I weighed before college and for the majority of my first year.

FYI, that’s when I met my BF. That’s how you do it girls… look gorgeous, reel them it and do a 360. I’m kidding. My freshman 15 was more like freshman 25.
Luckily I wear/wore it well.
I have dropped 10lbs in the past 2 years, which is a healthy way of losing weight.

I am not sure how people might react to this post but I hope you support me and understand that:
1. I will probably not reach my goal. That’s right Sam. Start with a negative mentality. 
2. 110lbs, according to BMI chart, is not unhealthy for my height and activity level Sam's workout,walking from my house to the car and back again. Not that you/I should base our weight on the BMI chart.
3. I have never been the healthiest person... so don't be surprised if there's lots of crap in my weekly food record.

I’m not going to lie, just thinking about putting myself on a ‘diet’ makes me want to binge. I have never been motivated to stay on a diet for an extended time.

 Other than losing some weight I want to change my habits. I eat out every day meaning I spend big money on food. This would force me to make my lunches or at least plan them. Inevitably this would reduce the amount I spend on food.
Sadly, I'm a creature of habit and it will be hard to break me. I get really bored eating the same meals and when I’m hungry there is nothing that can stop me from eating junk!

Yesterday I was in a meeting and very hungry. The meeting was running through lunch. My boss decided to start snacking and pulled out a pepperette. FYI, I hate the idea of hot rods/sausages/pepperettes. I do eat them on pizza though, yum. As soon as the opportunity presented itself I ran to the nearest grocery store. I hadn't even finished paying when those babies when devoured them. I'm still thinking about them. The salty, smokey taste…  I'm getting obsessive. It’s so weird what being hungry can do to me. The taste still lingers and I'm thinking about buying more. I have no idea were to find actual pepperettes... The search is on.

Any-who, what I ate this week will be here:
Casual Carnivore

Kisses and hugs.
May the best man (1-women) win!