October 03, 2013

Skincare | Keeping it simple

So, what’s up with my skincare routine now that I’m done Accutane? Well it’s changed quite a bit over the last 6 months. I have gotten lazier than I ever could have imaged!!

I remember a while back I made an evil comment about Vichy Dermablend products being over hyped water. Since my skin has been on the mends and requires very little effort I started using the Deep Cleansing Gel. What does it do for my face… well let me tell you… very close to nothing! Which is perfect for me right now. Once I’m done my current bottle I am planning on upgrading to something more luxurious. I use it morning and night to remove my makeup or if I'm feeling gross.

I still use cleansing water from time to time but because I'm no longer using a lot of makeup/heavy makeup. I don't feel I need it.

My moisturizer, night cream, eye cream... and spf is currently the original Nivea Creme. FYI, there is no SPF in it. I'm a very bad girl.

I think the total cost of my skin is well below $100. Before Accutane I would guess it cost around $300.

Well... I've shared. What are you using to wash your face?
Any recommendations?

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