September 10, 2015

Baby Katie | Being a Mom

On October 6th, 2014 my fur-baby was born.
Katie is a pure bred Great Dane. She is out of Arthur (Sir Arthur Of Dantry) and Hannah (CH Dantrydanes I Luv Ya).

She is the cutest and clumsiest thing I've ever seen.

Originally, Mr. B wanted a German Sheppard... His reason was that they are amazing dogs if you train them properly.

Anyway, we started visiting kennels in July. It made sense to us at the time to get on a waiting list because we had just signed to build our cute little house. We visited a couple German Shepard kennels and accidentally met a gorgeous Great Dane. Mr. B was surprised at how affectionate the Dane was. It was at that moment he changed his tune and agreed we should look at buying a Great Dane.

When we started the Great Dane search we checked out a couple breeders around our area and decided to buy a dog from Dantry Danes. Dantry produces blacks, blue fawns, and blues. We decided to go with black because there wasn't a waiting list.

When Dantry contacted us about a new litter of two female black puppies we were overjoyed. Now, when I first met Katie.... Honestly, I wasn't that impressed with her attitude. She was a little stubborn and unaffectionate but I think that's just her being a puppy and extremely distractable.

We've had Katie in our lives for almost a year and yes it's been hard but fun. She is kind of like a snobby kid. She shows affection, to her parents, when she feels like it. When she's not in the mood for cuddling she will literally get up and move to a new location and blow air out of she jowls.

Between myself and Mr. B, she definitely prefers dad. She loves men.

Anyway, I'll let you go.... I'm off to bed. 
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