September 10, 2015

Haul | Crown Brush... 2012 haul... but posting in 2015. Shame on me.

All right. So I have a pretty decent backlog of product reviews and blog post that I never got to... In reality some of them, I don't even remember what I thought of the products so the post is irrelevant. Way to go Sam! Woot-Woot.

So.... 3 years ago I bought a set of brushes from Crown Brush. I bought them because I wanted synthetic brushes... I thought they would be better for my very irritated face. 

Just to let you know these photos are from 3 years ago.

I don't remember what they are called.... so I will invent some names (Left to Right):
1. Flirty blush brush
2. Pack-it-on brush
3. Obviously a blending brush
4. Pencil Brush?

Honestly, I lost this brush. No idea where it is. I do however remember this brush scrapping my eyelids off... Just kidding, I found it to be a little rough on my lids.

Here's a close up of the blush brush. Unfortunately, this brush didn't even last the year... it disassembled. I was not impressed at all. Also, I wouldn't really call this a blush brush it was more like a diffusing brush. I love wearing pretty heavy blush most days and this brush gave a very subtle look. Would I buy it again? No.

Surprisingly I do still have this brush and I do use it faithfully. I use it to pack on eye shadow and do a preliminary blend. It's soft to the touch but firm enough to pack products on correctly. Now that I'm writing this post I think I should buy myself a new one... Do I need it? No. Has that ever stopped me from buying something? No. I will need to run my shopping plans by Mr. B... :)

I purchased a similar brush from MAC and was extremely disappointed. It always shed. This one is awesome. I mainly use this brush for blending. I've used it for concealer before by frankly I rather use my finger. I have too many wrinkles. If ever I've used it to place powder it just landed everywhere... Would I buy another one? Hell, ya.

Oooo, look mystery brush Number 5. I think it was a pencil brush and if your wondering yes I did lose this one too. From what I recall, it was also abrasive and I wouldn't buy it again.

Anyway, pretty bees. I will let you go. Not sure if this post was helpful or not.

What are you favourite brushes?

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