December 10, 2012

Accutane | Week 7

Hey Guys! This week I had no new break outs. Any scabs I had healed quickly and the dryness I experienced was more manageable. My lips are still peeling, my tummy continues to hurt and I have been sleeping an insane amount. I have lost 2 lbs and feel very tired and moody.
Last week I was a very bad girl. Not only did I fail with my skin regime but I also skipped Accutane once and Diane 35 once. Some might say that I am anal-retentive about taking medication for skin care. Skipping doses is not common practice for me.
Honestly I feel like I've let myself go a little. This week I shall force myself to be better. I will try to go to the gym at least twice with week and couple that statement with “I will not eat out this week”.

Oh God my eyebrows! They look soooo gross.

December 05, 2012

Accutane | Week 6

Well guys there's really not much to say about last week. I saw improvement but then had two mammoth  pimples. My tummy started hurting again and I am dry all over. My eczema is starting to flare up on my arms. My neck and ears are still recuperating.