January 05, 2013

Mode Choice | FOTD: Night Hawk

I mentioned in the past that I wanted to post some presentable pictures of myself and this is my attempt.

Ever since I started my Accutane journey I haven't been in the mood to wear night looks. So what I'm saying is I'm out of practice but off into the  unknown we go.

First I moisturized my face with Antipodes Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream. Nothing seems to moisturize my skin these days.

I usually start by apply face make-up first but I thought there might be some fall out.

I applied Maybelline  Color Tatoo Bad to the Bronze as a base.

Here I am applying it. :P

I applied a  brow highlight colour which looks a little crazy. I mixed Brule and Bisque from Mac.

I began by accentuated my crease with Mystic (MAC) and then applied Black (Annabelle) to form a cut crease higher than my actual crease.

I then blended the crazy looking shadows with a domed blending brush.

This is what it started to look like. Please note that my light source is coming from the left side of the picture.

I then applied Black gel liner (MAC) on both upper and lower lash lines.

For this look I went with tinted moisturizer. I used Moisture Tinted in the colour Medium (MAC).

I then concealed with BB Skin Perfect Concealer (Annabelle) and blended.

I powdered with Yong Blood's Natural Loose Foundation in Warm Beige. Just a quick FYI for the people with texture imperfections this foundation will extenuate them.

I filled in my eyebrows with Gosh Long Lasting  Brow Pen in the colour Wheat (004) and brushed them out.

I applied some blush, flashies, and Plum Lipstick (Rebel from MAC).

And here is the final look. Hope you enjoyed and are having a loving day. 

Chio for now!

January 04, 2013

Thoughts | Belated Resoultion 2013

Every year it seems we all make resolutions to be better, happier, thinner… Blah Blah Blah. Other than last year I never kept any of the resolutions. Last year was different. Belated it might have been but I did start this blog which I am slowly becoming quite proud of. Last year some of my goals were:
Graduate College
Get a Job in my field
Apply to OACETT (Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists)
Work on my relationship and figure out what I really want
Go to the dermatologist
Try to grow hair out
Buy a Car

Guess what guys I did all of those except growing out my hair. I had a horrible cut in February and spent the rest of the year trying to fix it.
This year I feel clueless. This is a new chapter in my life and I’m at a loss for what to do next. These are the basic things I want to do:
Spend more time with family
Use my gym membership
Use the Bikram classes I bought in November
Write the PPE (Professional Practice Exam)
Eat better
Learn something new
Take a vacation
Dress better
Do my hair (top knot is no longer acceptable unless with BF) + learn to wear my hair down

Okay, yeah it looks like a big list but I want to do something that will help me grow. Maybe blogging is what I am meant to do.

Anyway kitties, we'll see what the year brings!