March 06, 2013

Accutane | Week 19

Hey there good looking!
We are almost there! Or I am almost there.

The end of my Accutane treatment is in sight. Coupled with my excitement I fear of what will happen when I stop taking Accutane.  Will the acne-trolls show their ugly heads in a months’ time? Will I have these scars forever? What can I do about the dents (that is safe)?

As I approach the end I am finding it hard to get motivated to go to doctors’ appointments and lab tests. I don’t feel ready to be cut from Accutane’s strings.

This week I have had no break out and things are finally settling down at work. Well actually this lull or peace I’m experiencing will be short lived. We have many upcoming projects. I’m actually surprised that I have had no breakouts. I had to stop using any and all skin care products save Vaseline and Nivea (original, blue tube).

 My scary face. MUAHAHA

FYI, I have a scar on this eyebrow that's why it always looks crazy.

I know it’s been a long time since we've talked but I promise I will try harder to talk to you from now on.

Love you lots!

March 01, 2013

Random | Etsy Love

Hey guys!
I wanted to share with you a small list of Etsy shops that I absolutely love.

I usually don’t like or care for ‘rustic’ or ‘natural’ looking jewelry… maybe the term is boho. As of late I have been starting to enjoy the look a little more. Although I have finally started to move in this direction I have had this seller on my favorites for a very long time. The attention to detail is what suckered me in and I’m planning to purchase something in the near future.

I just finished off saying that ‘boho’ is not my thing. Novelty pieces are also not my thing but just look at this piece.

I love this. Nothing more to say.

This is similar to the previous shop but dark metals are used.

I absolutely love her style. It reminds me of Victorian times. There was an emphasis on ruffles and perfectly cut lines that defined a women’s figure.

If I ever get married I would like my bridal shower to be held at a manor. I would like it to be more of an intimate tea time with my family. I would love to be wearing a dress similar to this. Elegant, clean and simple are the words that come to mind when I look at her designs.