October 02, 2013

Health | Brazilian Bikini Bottom

So... Today was supposed to be bang day.... Hair people. Get your mind out of the gutter. I can't find my camera cord or even my USB converter.

I'm super annoyed with myself.

Anyway, I've noticed that October is the turning point in health for many Northerners.
 I start in August.

The long pants come back. We sport thicker socks and ponchos. Some of us stop using self-tanner on our legs. We start eating more...

In contrast March is when we start hitting the gym and fad dieting.

This year I have a big motivator to get fit. It's called a Brazilian Bikini Bottom. Deadline? Second week of January 2014.

This is going to be a sad story.
Like I've said before I'm small/petite. I've never been athletic or enjoyed 'exercising'. I'm like a greyhound. Sleek... *cough* ....was, am natural sprinter... *cough* ....was, and I'm super lazy.
A couple weeks ago I decided it was about time I took a vacation outside of Canada. My sister and I decided Puerto Rico was going to be our destination. I hit the mall in search of a bathing suit. Believe it or not but I've never owned a bikini. EVER.

I stopped at Bikini Village and fell in love with two bathing suits.
I really believed I looked cute in the Brazilian Bikini Bottom but it was the smoked mirrors and dimmed lights that confused me. When I got home I was devastated with how my butt looked.
Now I need to explain something... Obviously we work with what we have and for me my butt and hair colour have always been what I like about my body.

I decided at that moment, staring at my butt, I needed to step it up. I've really been letting myself go compared to what I was.

I've been working out everyday since then.

My 'workout', if you can call it that since we all know I'm lazy, goes as follows:
100 jumping jacks
25 table top crunches (clap hands together under legs)
35  hip-thigh Raise
3-20 sec plank
25 push ups
1 min bridge
50 Squats
1 min wall squat
+Various leg workouts, I don't know the proper names
Repeat 'till I die.

TMI moment, I work out in the Brazilian bikini bottom. :)
It forces me to focus.

Happy work outs.
Bye for now.

October 01, 2013

Final Accutane Post

Hey there!

Long time, no talk. It’s been more than 3 months since my last Accutane post and this final update post is ridiculously overdue!

 My Accutane journey began in November and was what my dermatologist considered ideal. I didn't have any severe reactions to medication. If I recall correctly, I didn't experience any symptoms or noticeable improvements until I was a little past my 3 months mark.

Some of the symptoms I developed were dryness, dehydration, slightly low energy levels, some skin sensitivity; dry nose, upset stomach and a little more hair fall out than usual.

Now I’m definitely not going to sit here and say that I was the prefect patient when I was on the treatment. I tried to listen to my body. In the fifth month when my doctor upped my dosage I was careful to not take the extra pills unless I felt perfectly healthy. I believe that doctors do want what’s best for us but it is important to pay attention to what your body is trying to tell you.

Month 1
I was more than a little excited to start working on my skin.
 I was constantly washing my face and looking in the mirror.

Month 2
My skin felt smoother and scabs healed faster than usual. 
I did experience some minor break outs but I was happy with the progress.

Month 3
I started off the year with high hopes that my skin would improve dramatically. 
Sadly, I constantly felt very sick.

Month 4
This is when I started to feel comfortable with my skin. 
I started wearing less make-up and started to do my eyebrows! I apologize for the hideous caterpillars that I was showing you previously.
 I also became very lazy with my skincare.

Month 5
This is when other people really started to notice and comment on how amazing my skin looked.

Month 6
I honestly was sad to see Accutane go. I was also a little disappointed with how my skin looked after the acne was gone. 
I constantly thought about the times I picked at my skin. Or the giant nodes I use to get and how I would pierce them.

After Accutane
After I finished the treatment I felt extremely bitter. Accutane has a way of maintaining the appearance of your skin but once I was done it took a long time for it to balance out again. 

So, what has Accutane done for me? Well I have no node breakouts. No puffiness. My hair is growing like a weed now. My skin is normal and I have gotten even lazier with my skin. The bad? Prior to starting Accutane I had a very slight sensitivity to dairy. Guess what? I’m very close to being a full-fledged lactose intolerant. Just a couple more months and I promise you I will be. The odd thing is that only certain dairy products really upset me… like milk, yogurt and ice cream. There are other yummy foods out there but I’m a little sad.

Acne is odd. It affects your self-esteem when you have it and even now I constantly feel like I’m being robbed. I was such a happy outgoing individual and now I’m very reserved. I force myself daily to be a little more social and put myself out there but frankly it’s difficult. I have become accustom to being solo, only Mr. B and my family to keep me company.

I'm glad to be back.
I've missed you.